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President Trump: Biden’s Agenda Is ‘Made in China’; Mine Is ‘Made in the USA’

The President was spot on in every aspect of his speech last night.

Yes, a little long, but it was needed as he doesn’t get fair coverage from the fake news media.

Once again China will be a vocal point in this election cycle and the President has been the toughest with China:

My agenda is “Made in the USA,” Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s agenda is “Made in China.”

—Trump said he will impose tariffs on the products of any American corporation that offshores jobs to foreign countries rather than keeping them in the United States.

—“We will also provide tax credits to bring jobs out of China back to America, and we will impose tariffs on any company that leaves America to produce jobs overseas,” Trump said. “We’ll make sure our companies and jobs stay in our country, as I’ve already been doing. Joe Biden’s agenda is Made in China. My agenda is Made in the USA.”



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