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MS-13 Gang Members From ‘Migrant Caravan’ Deported

This is exactly why we need a big border wall!!

The President isn’t playing politics, this isn’t a fake crisis as the sick democrats put it. These are real bad people trying to get into this country.

The huge migrant caravans aren’t just with sweet people wanting the American dream like the Dems will tell you.

At least 25 members of the vicious MS-13 street gang embedded with the Central American ‘migrant caravan’ were deported by Mexican officials this week.

These criminals trying to seek asylum in the US.

From Fox News: At least 25 gang members affiliated with the MS-13 gang were deported from Mexico after they were revealed to be concealed within the caravan of 1,600 Central American migrants just across the U.S. border, immigration officials said Tuesday.”

“In addition to the gang members, a total of 70 central American migrants have been deported to their home countries, while about 1,500 have been granted humanitarian visas to move freely within Mexico,” adds the report.

We need that wall, and any democrat that says it’s a fake crisis, they’re lying to you. That special interests and lobbyists money is talking for them.

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