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Pelosi talks national emergency on guns

Nancy is speaking gibberish once again with her million dollar dentures.

She talked about how a democrat President can use a national emergency on guns.

You’re not taking away guns, Nancy. There are law bidding citizens who own guns that are using them to protect themselves.

Another ridiculous response by a power hungry, money loving leftist.

This is a national emergency, this should be common sense law from everyone in Congress.

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5 thoughts on “Pelosi talks national emergency on guns Leave a comment

  1. Does she mean “the one-yr ann. of another manifestation of 1990 Gun-Free-School-Zone Act that ONLY protects SHOOTERs, no one else?” Yeah, let’s talk about DIMs REAL AGENDA to DISARM America by passing ILLOGICAL LAWs that endanger/KILL our children in order to get PPL to voluntarily DISARM so Nat’l Socialist (NAZIS) Pelosi can turn America into a Socialist/Communist state full of MUSLIMs


  2. Hey Nancy did you hear what El Chapo said about you, Hillary, Schiff, and many more of you, and it’s written down and other evidence! Their saying that they believe Soros, or the Clintons will have him murdered in prison and call it homicide or murdered by other prisoners but regardless we’ll see. For his sake I pray not, but I also pray he will get right with Jesus! You cannnot have our guns no matter what! You people are into so much satanic worship that is driving you all insane!
    Too much to share but this I have to say for sure!!


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