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BOMBSHELL: Little Andy behind plot to oust President


The President was right, again.

The FBI was as crooked as ever and it shows. These people wanted the President out.

It was all a plot to protect Hillary and oust the President to evoke the 25th amendment

Little Andy played a central role in the bureau’s Russia probe and the eventual appointment of a special counsel — while reportedly describing Justice Department meetings where officials discussed ousting President Trump.

The President was right all along, he said this on twitter:

When will actual justice be served? The FBI and the department of justice need to be rebuilt! Hillary is protected by her commies at the highest level!

Help support this site so we can go after these people that are such a threat to our country!!
Our goal is to re-elect President Trump, Take back the House and expose the Democrats!





2 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Little Andy behind plot to oust President Leave a comment

  1. Would like to know if what I heard about El Chapo naming names in his sentencing hearing is true!! How are we to ever trust the FBI again? Seams like they are all part of “THE DEEP STATE”. They all need to be fired!!!


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