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Ilhan Omar Anti-Semitic sediments is what Democrats are all about

So IIhan Omar makes multiple anti-Semitic comments about Jews.

And just like that, after a small apology, it’s all okay. This is the face of the hate-redness of the Democrats. Exactly what the left thinks.

They race bait, then play the blame game. Many Americans claim that the President is a racist, which in fact, he isn’t.

Lets take a look….

Now House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is Jewish. So when an article came up about him, here’s what Omar said:

And this, they don’t donate to anyone, FYI.

Mrs. Clinton even called her out, and she played the, what me game.

The fake news media has been silent, not a word. Again, she did apologize, but where is the outcry?

Just imagine….

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