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California governor pulling troops from border


California governor Gavin Newsom is pulling troops from border, calling it a “manufactured crisis.”

Now Democrats will claim they’re not playing politics, the truth is they are.

Why on earth, would a governor pull troops from the border when we need security now more than ever.

In a typical democrat response, Newsom said”

“No more division, xenophobia or nativism.”



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  1. The Democrats created the “sanctuary city” to attract illegal aliens to their areas. Not because they will vote for Democrats, but because they are counted in the census and the census controls the number of seats in the House of Representatives. If all the illegal aliens in San Francisco were deported today and kept out, California would lose a seat in the House and San Francisco’s lines would have to be redrawn to the advantage of the California GOP. There are somewhere between 20 and 30 million aliens, legal and illegal, who are living in the US. The total population, aliens included is 330 million. There are 435 seats in the House. So, each US Rep has about 760,000 people. Delete those 20 – 30 million people from the population and the Democrats would lose 27 to 40 seats in Congress. They wouldn’t regain power for a hundred years if ever. They’d certainly have to go through a purge and rebirth.


  2. I don’t understand how individual states can legally make their own decisions about the safety of this country and override Pres. Trumps orders.


  3. Didn’t know a Governor had thst kimd of power. Send them all to California and let him take care of all. Of them. He is a traitor to our country.He should be reminded that he is NOT out President and never will be.


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