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Omar wants DHS out!

These people are trying to make sure that our country is filled with MS-13, crime, drugs, child trafficking and drug smuggling!

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) calls for the complete defunding of DHS!

How radical is this? Omar and AOC are side by side in being the far most left those country has to offer.

Not one dollar for DHS, she says.


ICE, CBP, TSA, Secret Service, FEMA, USCIS, Coast Guard, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Help support this site so we can go after these people that are such a threat to our country!!

Our goal is to re-elect President Trump, Take back the House and expose the Democrats!

Helping the President in 2018 & 2020!!

The President is in need of help. By donating just $0.50 or $1 or more you will help defeat Maxine Waters and other clueless Dems!




2 thoughts on “Omar wants DHS out! Leave a comment

  1. It’s time to get up and standup and put a stop to the crap the demacratic party is pulling I say back Trump in 2020 and take back what we as Americans have voted for we wanted Trump for a reason to change America back to America again but you Republicans have been sitting on your asses stand up you bunch of Baby s stop being scared stand-up and let’s fight for our President and our rights DAMMIT

    Stand. Up. Republicans from Frank McGuire


  2. she and aoc are socialist, omar is a muslim trying to destroy our way of life , and our free country. she to her oath on the stinken quarn, she is not sworen in, constitution says holy bible…demorats take notice your going to be voted out in 2020….TRUMP IS AND WILL BE MY PRESIDENT…TRUMP IN 2020!


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