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Trump says little Adam Schiff doing Presidential harassment

The President once again is making sense.

In a series of tweets this morning, Trump went after the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, (scary thought,) about Presidential harassment.

The Democrats have nothing with this fake phony witch hunt, so now they are going after the President and his family!

Heaven forbid they go after the Great Obama for Uranium One, RUSSIA!!! The unconstitutional Iran nuclear deal and Benghazi?! Plus spying on American citizens, which is illegal.

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4 thoughts on “Trump says little Adam Schiff doing Presidential harassment Leave a comment

  1. Everything President Trump says and does..I trust with all my heart. He’s the best President this country has had during my 62 yrs of living. If I had a chance to talk to him, I would only ask him to help me with one thing. I broke my back in 1997, and in 2015 had to have a second surgery that was 16 hours where they put a rod, a plate and 32 screws in my spine. The pain I live with beyond words. But the beaurocrats that are making new rules about the opioid crisis are making new rules that are telling my Pain Specialist Dr. that he can not give me as much pain medication that he gives me. Keeping him from giving me the medicine that makes my day livable will have absolutely NO EFFECT ON THE OPIOID OVERDOSES THAT GO TO ER’s!! People that have no idea what my pain is…are making decisions that are going to ruin my life. They are going to start a suicide epidemic because if I have to start living everyday in the kind of unlivable pain I have…I will be one of them that want to COMMIT IT. How do beaurocrats that are not Pain Specialist able to ruin my life?! Mr President….if some way or some how you get a message about this….I beg you to help me and every other patient of Pain Specialist Dr’s all over this country! My name is Lisa A Miller, from Houston Texas and I just don’t know who else would help me. I thank you for becoming our President..and I pray for you day and night. Thank you


  2. We need a WALL NOW !!!!!!! I know U R doing Everything in UR Power Mr President !!!! Thank U for EVERYTHING UR Doing !!!! God Bless U And UR Family !!!!! Please Keep Fighting for the GREAT USA !!!!!! Our Country would B GONE Without YOU !!!!!


  3. You Democrats are such a disgrace to our country You are killing live babies and that’s fine with you you are delusional and very sick You need to build that wall we need it I want protected from the illeagals and gang members and drug cartel this has to be done you are not doing what you were put in office to do and you Nancy and Shumer and Waters and the rest of you in congress should be impeached you care noting about America or Americans You are considered murderers I don’t know how you lay in bed at night and sleep I pray it haunts you so step up and stop all this hate that you have for our Great President He’s doing the best of any of them and he loves America and the American people He has done everything he promised and he will get his wall We American people want this wall and we want Abortion abolished You all must be so jealous of our Great President Trump He won and he’s the best Now get over it and DO YOUR JOBS and get this wall done and stop abortion You will all stand before God One day and if you do not repent of your sin you will be put into Hell God has the key and Satan will be put in Hell also so I pray for you all to turn from this evil and accept Jesus as your SAVOUR and let’s come together and love each other as God So loved us all And Adam Shift Leave President Trump alone It’s none of your business about his affairs Why not do a job looking into the collusion of Hillary’s emails and how she and Obama’s murdered our men in Bengauzi And about Hillary’s deleted emails Why don’t you indite her and Obama Do your job Clean out the rest of the swamp and Leave President Trump alone We voted and we will vote again so do what you were voted to do I am so sick of Congress getting by with doing NOTHING and getting a pay check Take away Congress Pay checks and impeach the Democrats and we will vote again because thy are breaking the constitution by not protecting Us The Americans


  4. Mr President you are the best Your doing an Awsom job Please keep strong I pray for you and your family daily God has your back and the American people are with you We love you and your family God Bless


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