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Snoop Dogg tells Kanye and Trump Voters: ‘F*ck You and F*ck Him’

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Leftist Snoop Dog said in an interview is that If you like Trump, “you motherfuckin racist.”

He was so very triggered he continued: “I don’t give a fuck. If you like that nigga, you motherfuckin’ racist, fuck you and fuck him. Now what? Draw the line, nigga,” Snoop Dogg told DJ Suss One in an interview on SiriusXM.

“He drew the lines. He drew the motherfucking lines. Before him, there were no lines,” the rapper continued, insinuating that racial divisions started with President Trump.

“Everybody was everybody, we respected everything, we didn’t trip, but nigga, when you drew the line, nigga, start pointing motherfuckers out…nigga, fuck y’all then, nigga.”

Going after Kanye..

“You and them. Kanye too, nigga. Don’t forget about him, too, fuck you, too,” he said.

This is just another tantrum by these evil leftists. He has no idea what’s going on in this country. What ever happen to respecting the office? How come he’s not talking about what happening in Chicago and San Francisco? It’s because he doesn’t care or knows!



One thought on “Snoop Dogg tells Kanye and Trump Voters: ‘F*ck You and F*ck Him’ Leave a comment

  1. Snoop needs to listen to what Tupac said about creating businesses in the community to lift people out of poverty not keep them in. Tupac. Would not agree with Snoop. Tupac said the he would meet with anyone who could help the people in the Hood. Grow up Snoop grow up. Be a leader like Tupac.


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