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Liberal Joe even has to make 9/11 about Trump

This is how sick these people are. Even on 9/11 where we remember all the lives lost during this horrific day, liberal Joe has to go and make this political.

He wrote in the Washington Post: “Trump is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could.”

We all wish Joe Scarborough would leave the US and go live on an island with his lover, Mika. These people are evil and sick, Joe’s love for money put him on the dark side. For him to write about this as if Trump killed 3,000 plus innocent lives.

This shouldn’t be a day about politics, but the left will do whatever it takes to get power back. They think it will work, but it won’t.

We always remember this day, the victims and the heroes.



2 thoughts on “Liberal Joe even has to make 9/11 about Trump Leave a comment

  1. HOW DARE THIS LOW LIFE OF A HUMAN SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE on this DAY, a day where thousands loss their lives from a group of hate filled terrorist who wanted to KILL INNOCENT AMERICAN SOULS! I guess this act of horror did NOT effect the liberal democrats, WHO NOW, want
    These terrorist to come to OUR country ILLEGALLY! To GIVE THEM EVERYTHING FREE, to EVEN
    Let them vote!!!! THEY, the democrats, have abandoned, and forgotten these HERO’S!
    How terribly sad❤️🇺🇸💙


  2. Your truly a stupid, stupid man. Trump has done more for the country than anyone in a long time. Shut you mouth your embarrassing your self


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