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Kaepernick becomes face of Nike

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This is the kind of person Nike wants to represent them!!

Colin Kaepernick, who once wore police pig socks and kneeled during the national anthem, is now the face of the Nike brand.

It’s the “Just Do It” campaign, reports ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

People on the left are claiming him as the next Dr. Martin Luther King…he will be viewed as a hero to athletes making millions of dollars that can’t cooperate with police. This is what we’re dealing with people.

These tweets sum it up:

That tweet shows how much of a hypocrite he is. Why isn’t he kneeling or talking about that?

Why didn’t Kaepernick talk about all the shootings and killings in Chicago, Baltimore of young black Americans. The poor people and feces and garbage in the streets of San Francisco which he played in his career.



One thought on “Kaepernick becomes face of Nike Leave a comment

  1. Says he is protesting abused minorities but has a sponsor that abuses minority workers, typical liberal logic-NFL died of Colin cancer-Boycott Nike! Are they nuts!


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