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Conspiracy MSNBC guest says armed teachers would shoot minority students

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A guest contributor on conspiracy channel MSNBC, Yamiche Alcindor, has the race card to play when she said this about teachers being armed with guns:

“There are some people I have talked to, some advocates, who are very worried about the racial impacts that this will have. If you start arming teachers, you look at the statistics and say there are black and brown students who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts, you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot.”

“The NAACP and other advocacy groups say, not only are we looking at this as an issue, but it’s also the idea that racially it’s going to be a problem.”

What is with these people? That’s stereotyping at its finest. The people on the left can never have a debate or a conversation without pulling some card that defines others as being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. That’s all they know. What’s their policies besides giving the American people free stuff and have our economy go down the drain.

She’s a lunatic trying to push her agenda down the viewers throats. Well, I’m not sure who would watch MSNBC. I surely don’t and their ratings have been down the garbage for a while.



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