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CNN strategist uses Mollie Tibbetts death to defend illegals, hating on white men

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CNN continues to be a disgrace. Strategist Symone Sanders, a leftist nut who thinks everyone on the opposite side is rasist and sexist, is using Mollie’s death as an idea to put down white men and defend illegals.

She has no clue. Sanders is promoting sexism, a typical tool by the left to promote hate on the other side instead of talking about the real truth.

Illegal immigration is out of control and these lives can be saved by responsible, smart immigration policies, including building the wall.

There plenty of immigrants that are following the law trying to get into the country, they will get in and contribute to helping the United States. While, living out their dream.

Mollie’s death and many others could’ve been saved but Democrats are using illegal immigration to paint the President and republicans as racists and sexists.



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