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Unhinged snowflake: Kevin Hart yells ‘In your face, Trump! Suck it!’

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These people are making it too easy for us! They are unhinged lunatics looking to cry because they lost an election of almost two years old. At the VMA’s last night, little Kevin Hart unleashed on the President to fit the Hollywood narrative: rich snob who knows nothing about the outside world.

The 5’4″ comedian was unhinged last night and was totally disrespectful to the President during the show.

Stuff like this is what helps the President because it’s showing the average American that we don’t want these people in power.

Hart said, “Beefs pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets,” Hart said. “It’s basically like a typical day in the White House.”

Then he ended with, “In your face, Trump! Suck it!”

Again, this guy has no idea what it’s like outside his mansion home and beyond is fenced wall protecting his house.




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  2. give it up if its that bad here for u just leave Africa has lots of land go start another country there and u can take
    theHollywood people who dont want to be here


  3. Mr. Hart – your IQ is showing but it is not showing much other than your ignorance. I as a Trump supporter I must say thank you young man, for every time U open your mouth to put down our President, he gets another vote.

    Thank you for your support.

    A real Trump supporter.


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