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Fake “Comedian” Michelle Wolf Gets Netflix Show Cancelled 


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Liberal snowflake Michelle Wolf, who is a disaster, gets her Netflix show cancelled after only 10 shows and 3 months running.

This is what happens when you become unhinged lunatic. She attacked Sarah Sanders by the way she looked and Kellyanne Conway. You can’t forget about her saying abortion being the way to go and don’t knock it until you try it.

Netflix is finally understanding that people won’t watch constant fake news and bashing of the President with Liberal point of views. Just look at CNN and conspiracy MSNBC. Both are well behind Fox News. Michelle Wolf is a joke and her show was anti Trump and pro abortion just to try it.

Maybe Netflix will cancel their deal with Obama’s? I’m sure that won’t gather any type of a crowd as politics will certainly shine through. People hate when politics are shoved in their face. The people have spoken. Goodbye Michelle Wolf!!



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