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BROKEN IMMIGRATION: ISIS fighter had refugee status

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This is a prime example of why this country needs smart immigration and a continue of the travel ban. We need to get Trump republicans in the house and senate so they can get to work on the President’s pillars of smart immigration.

ISIS fighters are still everywhere and continuing to try getting into the US.

Documents show Omar Ameen traveled to US after he killed an Iraqi officer in honor of the Islamic State. He was arrested by the US.

Who knows what could’ve happened and if he was planning anything to attack this country. This happened under Obama’s immigration policy, a complete and total disaster.

From the Daily Caller: ““On his written I-485 application to adjust status, and also in the interview, when asked ‘Have you EVER ordered, or called for, or assisted with the killing of any person?’ Ameen answered ‘no.’ When asked ‘Have you ever committed the killing of any person?’ Ameen answered ‘no.’ In actuality, on or about June 22, 2014, Ameen is alleged to have killed Ihsan in collaboration with other members of ISIS,” says official documents.”



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