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Crazy Maxine turns 80 and her wish is getting Trump out

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Low IQ, crazy Maxine Waters turns 80 and of course she says her present is to get Trump out of office.

“My biggest birthday wish would be that we’re able to get a leader of this country who represents us — who has the respect of all of our allies,” Waters said.

“I would wish that we could remove [Trump] from office,” Waters continued, adding that if she cannot get her wish, that “2020 is coming up” and Trump should be concerned in his reelection bid.

Waters said she will not allow Trump to “intimidate” her.

“I am the ranking member of the financial services committee of the United States House of Representatives. I guide my colleagues on financial services issues… I am going to continue to go after him,” Waters said.

Her district that she’s been leading is filthy and disgusting. There’s feces everywhere and drugs, homeless people, crime and crippled down homes. She’s the face of the democrat party and knows nothing but resist and obstruct. Giving her daughter millions of dollars. Waters lives in a million dollar mansion with walls around it.

She should be out of office, but the people in her district are too ignorant to run her out of office.

Happy Birthday to old, crooked Maxine!




One thought on “Crazy Maxine turns 80 and her wish is getting Trump out Leave a comment

  1. Maxine,
    Cleanup the mess around your own backyard
    Leave we the people alone
    We can make it fine without you
    We don’t need you
    Therefore we don’t want you


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