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Military rebuild: President to sign $717 billion defense bill

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Another promise kept.

The military will be the strongest ever.

President Trump will sign a $717 billion dollar defense bill today to rebuild the defense department.

There will be a 2.6% raise for service

The Pentagon plans to purchase 77 F-35s (Joint Strike Fighters) for $7.6 billion. Other purchase plans include 68 UH-60s (Black Hawk Helicopters) for $85 million, B-21 (Raiders), 60 AH-64E Apache Helicopters, 24 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, 15 KC-46A Tankers, 10 P-8A Poseidons, 4 E-2D AHE Advanced Hawkeyes, 7 V-22 Ospreys, 8 CH-53K King Stallion Helicopters, 3 MQ-4 Triton Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, combat ships, submarines, destroyers, oilers, ground and space systems.



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