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Philadelphia’s sanctuary policy set illegal free to then rape young girl

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When is enough? When is enough for democrats? They are playing politics! They don’t care about children, they cried fake tears about the separation of families but when little kids are being raped and killed by illegals they are silent. These are sick people. It needs to end.

An illegal from Hondura, Juan Ramon Vasquez, raped a child after Philadelphia authorities ignored an ICE detainer and released him, pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegal reentry according to Fox News.

He was deported in 2009, then was arrested in 2014. Vasquez was rearrested and convicted of raping a child. He’s serving 8-20 years in federal prison.

The news has an obligation to report this, but they don’t. That’s why they are called the fake news and are sick for protecting democrat polices.



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