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Lemon says Trump supporters ‘steal, cheat and lie to their mothers’

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Crybaby Lemon is at it again, this time saying ridiculous remarks about Trump supporters.

He was in a tirade last night, after the President on Friday called him, “the dummest man on television.”

Which is possible.

Lemon proceeded to call the President a racist and said this:

“That was then, this is now. We’re up against tribalism. We’re up against people who will lie, steal, and cheat, lie to their mother, lie to themselves about what’s right of this country, about truth and facts.”

“If they will ignore any misgiving, any terrible misdeed, any awful saying they will just ignore it for their own political purpose. They will ignore the bigotry and the pettiness and the childishness about what Donald Trump said about me and LeBron James and others just because they want to gain some sort of political clout or they want a few more dollars in tax money. At what cost?”

The typical left sticking to what they believe everyone opposite of them is: Racist, bigot, sexist, stupid. That’s their playbook. He is the face of the fake news that’s dividing this country.

This is why we need to vote, so people like Don Lemon, who hates us, stays out of power. Please help President Trump.



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