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Eagles player mocks President with ‘immigrants make America great’ hat

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For a guy who had problems with coaches and teammates, warrants for felonies and running from the police and trying to frame them, Michael Bennett has a lot of nerve.

Of course he has the right to do whatever he wants but at least be informed.

This is a guy who believes all immigrants should be here and if you don’t want them you’re a racist.

Yes, that’s right, a liberal wack job. He ran from police after they were investigating a shooting, yet claimed that they were trying to kill him.

So, they other day he wore a ‘immigrants made America great’ hat.



One thought on “Eagles player mocks President with ‘immigrants make America great’ hat Leave a comment

  1. Oh wow, another millionaire athlete who doesn’t understand the difference between ILLEGAL ALIEN, and a legal immigrant. That’s sooooo surprising. Maybe he should go back and get that “tutor” who “helped” him pass his college classes to guide him some more.

    It’s either he doesn’t understand or he’s a charlatan, because he’s pushing strawman arguments.


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