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Crazy Bernie’s ‘Medicare for all’ to cost $32.6 TRILLION

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Young socialists are hoping for more free things to take advantage of and their crazy leader, Bernie Sanders has a Medicare for all solution.

A recent study by George Mason University says the true cost of providing universal healthcare to every American; adding the massive federal program would send medical costs through the roof.

So this would be Obamacare times 10? This is not good for the American people.

What the President is preparing is competition between state lines. Let the people decide who they want to insure them. With competition comes lowering prices of drug costs.

“The would add approximately $32.6 trillion to federal budget commitments during the first 10 years of its implementation (2022–2031),” says the study.

“The hikes would allow the government to replace what employers and consumers currently pay for health care — delivering significant savings on administration and drug costs, but increased demand for care that would drive up spending, according to the report,” writes Fox News.




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