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San Francisco has now started registering illegals to vote in school elections. What’s next?

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The left doesn’t care about regular US citizens.

They want open borders, illegal immigrants pouring through the country. With that brings MS-13, smuggling of drugs and children.

Democrats hate ICE, they want them abolished.

And now we’re seeing illegals immigrants being able to vote in school elections.

For non citizens with children in a San Francisco school district, they will be-able to vote in school elections.

This is no-brainer legislation,” Hillary Ronen, a San Francisco supervisor, told the Chronicle. “Why would we not want our parents invested in the education of their children?”

See Ronen of course isn’t saying those parents are non citizens. I’m all for LEGAL IMMIGRATION and most Americans are as well.

This isn’t fair. This isn’t fair for American citizens, immigrants who are in this country legally and those trying to come in the right way.

But this is just the start, soon it will be state elections and then the general election. This is what happens when democrats take over.

Think of it, what might happen if people started to think about what’s happening around them in California? Could they try out voting republican? The state would certainly turn around.



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