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Trump-Cohen recording another attempt by fake news to bring down President

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Well what do you know, it’s like clock work isn’t it?

Do democrats and the fake news media ever stick to one subject and run on it?

CNN obtained a video recording back from September of 2016 between then Candidate Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

And if you’ve listened to the recording, you will find nothing illegal going on, as Alan Dershowitz said.

It’s all about the news cycle and bringing down the President. It’s just whatever is the next best thing.

Tax cuts: “For the rich!”

Parkland shooting: “GUN CONTROL!!” “Trump is a kid killer.” Then you have school walk outs and protests.

Child separation: “BUT THE CHILDREN!!”

“How inhumane is this?!”

Kavanaugh nomination: “Abortion is done!! Resist!!”

The Helsinki summit: “TREASON!” “Traitor!”

You have the hashtags on twitter. The so called movement.

This is just another attempt to try and bring him down.


Photo source CNN



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