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Trump approval poll

First ever President Trump approval poll.

Do you approve or disapprove of his handling as President?




11 thoughts on “Trump approval poll Leave a comment

  1. When will the DOJ do its job concerning the Clinton activity? Revelations are exposed and nothing is done. Kerry’s acts are blatantly treasonous. Why is there no investigation?


  2. Stay strong mr. President, we stand with you, we are praying for you and your family. You have proved yourself strong and true to your word! GOD BLESS and keep you. Trump 2020


  3. Mr. Trump you are doing a wonderful job as president you have my vote in 2020 the biased news and the swamp can all go hang thank you


  4. You handled your visit with Putin like a Boss!
    That being said, so much of the DOJ crimes coming out, all the investigators involved with hiding Hillary’s many treasonous crimes, Comey, strozck,Muller,Rossenstein,Page. Working to put you out before you got in,hiding hillary 33,000 emails. China not Russia hacking DNC. Unfortunately these crimes go on and on. Why arent we seeing Justice? Not people being fired but crooks going to jail? Whats up with this? These are straight up high crimes against We The People and nothing happens. An investigation that they keep gong,even though they fabricated it to begin with. Can we expect to see any Justice?whats up with your AG?


  5. Mr President,
    May God bless you & keep you safe. You, your family & your administration. More than the majority support you!
    Thank you for standing up for America & being the man of honor that you are. You are the only president in history, who has kept their word. You are an AMAZING man & the strongest human being I have ever known.
    Love & Respect,
    Marcie Martinez


  6. Stay strong President Trump the American people stand by you and your family. Don’t let the haters discourage you. Continue to do the right thing for our country and continue to drain that damn swamp. Thank you


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