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Chicago shootings happen in democrat controlled districts

Well Chicago shootings and killings are still happening and it’s a disgrace that nothing is being done about it.

But that’s okay to democrats because Chicago has strict gun laws. All of the shootings happen in democratic controlled districts. Don’t forget the mayor of Chicago is a democrat.

A Chicago Tribune article updated since July 9th has 2018 homicides at 252, that’s lower than last year but still nothing is being done.

Who’s getting killed? Majority are young black men.

Isn’t the democrat party the party of black people? I don’t know why. They certainly don’t care and it shows.

Let’s take a look at this past week:

On Wednesday, 4 killed and 9 wounded in shootings according to ABC7 in Chicago.

This past weekend had 1 killed and 4 wounded on Friday. Then Saturday, 17 should and 2 fatalities.

Most of the shootings occur in these districts:

IL 1- Bobby Rush: House member since 1993

IL 2- Robin Kelly: House member since 2013

IL 3- Daniel Lipinski: House member since 2005

IL 4- Luis Gutierrez: House member since 1993

IL 5- Mike Quigley: House member since 2009

IL 7- Danny David: House member since 1997

All democrats.

Remember the day after the President was inaugurate, he tweeted about Chicago gun violence and said he would sent in the feds to clean things up?

He was crucified.

Why isn’t this being covered more? Because the media doesn’t want to put down democrats. They don’t actually care about gun violence unless it hurts the President.

Just another game of politics by democrats. This is hurting real people, real families.

Help me defeat them. Please

Helping the President in 2018 & 2020!!

The President is in need of help. By donating just $0.50 or $1 or more you will help defeat Maxine Waters and other clueless Dems!




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