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Shocker: Jake Tapper says Obama Administration was ‘Asleep at the wheel’ on Russian meddling

I never thought I’d see the day….

CNN actually criticized the Obama administration.

Jake Tapper had a former Obama Sr. National security advisor, Samantha Vinograd.

They talked about Russian meddling and Tapper told Vinograd that it seemed the Obama administration missed the ball on Russia. That the administration wasn’t strong on Putin and the hesitation of telling the American people about Russia for the fear of looking bipartisan.

He asked her that it seemed Obama and his administration was asleep at the wheel.

Wow. I’m still shocked after watching that clip. See, that’s all the American people want out of the media. Be fair and balanced. But of course I’m guessing Tapper got a slap on the behind from his corporate bosses to knock off the harass words for the wonderful Barack Hussein Obama.

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