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FBI arrests man who threatened July 4th terrorist attack in Cleveland

These are the real people of the FBI.

There was an arrest of Demetrius Pitts, aka Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq, who has been charged with material support of a foreign terrorist organization.

In conversation with the undercover agent, Pitts said he wanted to use a van to set off an explosion.

“I did tell myself that their holiday is coming…what would hit them in the core?” Pitts allegedly told the agent. “Blow up, have a bomb. Blow up at the fourth of July parade.”

He is an American citizen who was radicalized.

This is the problem here. This is why we need the wall, this is why we need the travel ban.

The left and democrats don’t care. You won’t see this man’s face on CNN or MSNBC. They’re ridiculous.

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