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Democrats already politicizing Annapolis shooting

Sad news here…

A Maryland newsroom shooting has happened and police are expecting multiple fatalities.

Instead of offering support from one American to another, the left are already on the attack against the President.

They are blaming him for hating on the news and Nancy Pelosi is calling for gun control….again.

Repeating. The people of the left are sick. They don’t care about anyone, they just want their agenda pushed.

They didn’t care about kids being shot and killed, haven’t for years and they don’t care about what’s happening in Annapolis. It’s all politics for them.

Here are some tweets from these sick people:

I can go on and on….

If you want to help me defeat democrats, then donate. Proceeds will help the victims of this shooting! Thank you

Helping the President in 2018 & 2020!!

The President is in need of help. By donating just $0.50 or $1 or more you will help defeat Maxine Waters and other clueless Dems!




One thought on “Democrats already politicizing Annapolis shooting Leave a comment

  1. strange I haven’t seen the first posting of the media deserved it, lies, lies, fake news or whatever you want to call the lies


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