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Fake media, outraged Dems, only strengthen silent majority

The fake news media and democrats scrutinize the President over everything he does. They are the biggest hypocrites out there.

This is only strengthening the Trump base.

You know, the silent majority that the President campaigned to and came out to vote and shocked the political world.

Both the media and democrats still can’t believe WE won and will do anything to resist us. It started with the fake Russia witchhunt and then when that didn’t work, its healthcare, tax reform, gun control and now the separation of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at the border.

The economy is booming, jobs available are the highest in history. Unemployment for Hispanics, blacks and women are lowest in history and people on food stamps are lowest in 8 years.

This will get the President re-elected in 2020. Wait until these trade tactics works, it’s brilliantly working.

But the Media and democrats are digging themselves in a whole. Spreading fake news stories, calling out Barron Trump, our First Lady and refusing Sarah Sanders service only grows the base stronger.

The President and the no longer forgotten men and women are only getting stronger.



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