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Immigration battle: What should happen with DACA?

In an attempt to get something going on Immigration which should’ve been done months ago, Speaker Paul Ryan said the House will be voting on a pair of Immigration bills next week.

The main idea around the bills?


“It will protect all Dreamers — those that signed up for DACA, those that did not but were eligible, as well as those that have been aged in,” Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., said.

There has been a fight between conservative and moderate republicans on immigration so we will see what transpires.

One thing is for certain: not one Democrat will vote yes. This is what they want. They don’t care about DACA, they just want to run on it and get voted in. Then after they’re in, all will be forgotten.

They will make excuses on how the bill isn’t good enough and the republicans are racists.

GET SOMETHING DONE. The President needs the wall, America needs the wall.

The main question is, should DACA members stay here? They’re here illegally and Obama signed an executive order for them to stay here. It’s not even in law.

If nothing gets done, it will be disgusting since it sends a message that congress wants to hold off on it until after midterms so they can run on it.

Immigration is mess and it’s very serious. We need security.



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