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Trade war has ‘Art of the deal’ and ‘America First’ written all over it

When Donald Trump was running for President, he ran on serious and important issues. Immigration, jobs, economy, taxes….

And trade.

The U.S. for years has been killed on horrible trade deals and this President is putting his foot down. Putting tariffs on Canada and the EU. The President is perfecting the Art of the deal and his American first polices.

But of course the media and the left, instead of backing the President for actually defending this country, is backing other countries.

Think about that for a minute. We are getting destroyed by trade deals, Trump is taking action on it and he’s the bad guy? Typical.

Sometimes you have to fight with friends. Our President went after Canada and the EU yesterday.

Trump just wants fair trade and the media is bombarding him. It’s the art of the deal….take down your tariffs and we will take down ours.

Charles Payne of Fox Business tweeted out some facts of how Canada is taking advantage of the United States.

I know tariffs don’t work but why does Canada have these tariffs?

270% dairy

69.9% Sausage

57.8% Barely Seed

49% Durum Wheat

26.5% Bovine/Meat

18% Table Linen

Why did Canada create “ingredient strategy” tariff in 2015? To protect those important industries and curb US imports.

That’s what the President is trying to protect: our great farmers and our agriculture.

CNN and MSNBC pretend like they’re sticking up for the people when they’re really not. They’re obstructing. It’s what they do best.

Better trade deals will help our farmers and Americans all over.

President Macron and Trudeau cried to the President saying how unfair it is when they’re doing the same exact thing. That’s how you know Trump’s actions are working.

The art of deal. America first.



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  1. Tell Canada to drop the tarriffs because they’d be in really bad shape really quick If we started charging them the same percentages on Canadian goods


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