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Comey overstepped authority as FBI Director

The deep state is getting exposed.

ABC News of all outlets, came out with a report that indicates a draft DOJ report states that former FBI director James Comey overstepped his authority as FBI director.

It was then added the draft report said Comey was “insubordinate.”

Looks like the President was right, once again. The FBI under Comey was so corrupt, he did what he wanted. What a smart move to fire this lying so called “director.” He lied under oath to congress and he scammed millions of people with his book. One talking about truths, and honesty and facts, something he had nothing of.

Countless times, Comey has said that for him, politics were out of any decision. We know now that’s BS. He’s part of the deep state, and the swamp.

Wait, there’s more:

The report also scorched former AG Loretta Lynch for the way in which she handled the Clinton email case: “Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary’s personal email server, the sources said.”




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