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Lebron James and Steph Curry say no one wants to visit the WH

The left and Liberals like LeBron James and Steph Curry, are attacking the President.

Lebron said it’s typical of the President to do what he did with the Eagles last night, cancelling their WH visit. And added that know matter who wins the NBA Championship, nether team wants to be there to celebrate it.

Steph Curry, agree with what James had said and added that the Warriors would do the same thing as last year and not attend anything.

Remember: Lebron supported crooked Hillary and loved Obama.

The same with Steph Curry. He loved President Obama.




4 thoughts on “Lebron James and Steph Curry say no one wants to visit the WH Leave a comment

  1. Trump is the President! He never asked you for anything. It’s automatic to stand for our anthem! If you can’t respect our flag then I have no respect for you! Your jerks and it’s best you not breed


  2. These 2 are asshats that have no respect for anyone let alone themselves. All they are is over paid athletes and entertainment. Their opinions mean nothing to people who have lifes and who work every day of their lives to make a life for them and their families. Trump is trying to bring America together again. And try to make things safe for people. So who cares what they think.


  3. Brain dead basketball players! They play a kids game for money.. Who gives a shit what they think! Most likely were passed through college with no learning.


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