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500 days of President Trump

Congratulations Mr. President on 500 days in office!

There are so many accomplishments that this President and his administration have done!

  • Unemployment at 3.8%- lowest since 2000
  • Creating over 3.4 million jobs!!
  • Tax cuts for all!!
  • Cutting MASSIVE amounts of regulations
  • Companies investing BILLIONS in U.S.
  • GDP doubled to 2.2%
  • Removing the individual Obamacare mandate
  • Black and Hispanic unemployment the lowest EVER
  • Our vets are being taken care of, VA mission act is coming!
  • Iran deal ripped apart
  • Paris Climate Accord ripped apart
  • North Korea denuclearization talks
  • US Embassy moved to Jerusalem
  • Military fully funded- $700 Billion
  • Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Fighting illegal immigration at border
  • Plus many more!

Here’s to 2,347 more days!



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