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Andrew Cuomo tells Trump to “DO SOMETHING”

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, quote tweeted the President about the shooting in Santa Fe.

Of course he had to make it about politics and not that fact 9 kids and 1 teacher died from this shooting.

He didn’t call on Democrats, but Washington Republicans and the President to “DO SOMETHING.”

This coming from an establishment Democrat. Remember Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? Both did nothing to help this big problem that we have.

Also, New York has big problems. Some of the highest taxes in the Country, Cuomo protects illegals so he can get their votes and crumbling infrastructure.

That’s what democrats do. They blame republicans and of course, Trump.

Instead of trying to find a bipartisan soultion, they play the blame game.

Calling the NRA terrorists, saying the President doesn’t care about children.

Why don’t YOU do something, Governor. Start by calling out EVERYONE.




One thought on “Andrew Cuomo tells Trump to “DO SOMETHING” Leave a comment

  1. Do you think the parents of the Santa Fe dead children are proud to have donated their kid’s lives for the good of the NRA? Will they get a trophy, a medal or a plaque to commemorate their child’s service? Will they stand proud with their hands over their hearts knowing that their child died so that Dana Loesch can go pump bullets through an AR15 any darn time she feels like it?

    If all congress people and Donald were required to walk through schools where mass shootings have just taken place, to see first hand the carnage and bullet riddled bodies, would they say that this was an acceptable amount of human sacrifice on the shrine of NRA privilege?

    Too bad Donald didn’t do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER before they got dead! Too bad his speech is all just words and he still won’t do A SINGLE THING in his power, even as he steps over their blood spattered bodies on the way to his next campaign rally.


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