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Russia witchhunt needs to end

It marks one year of Robert Mueller being named head of the special counsel and there is still zero evidence of Russia collusion by the Trump campaign.

This witchhunt against the President needs to end.

The deep state is not only trying to disrupt a sitting President trying to do his job, but wasting millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars. All because the left cannot take that they were defeated in the 2016 election.

The special counsel’s office has ruined lives, all for political reason and a fake hoax.

Michael Flynn, Michael Caputo are just two lives that were ruined by this. Flynn pleaded guilty to Russia ties that had nothing to do with the campaign. And Caputo had to go and meet with the special counsel many times, costing him thousands of dollars.

This fake investigation needs to end. It’s not even working in the democrats favor. Their slim margin in polls is dwindling when it comes to midterms and the President is still getting things done.

Tucker Carlson said this and it fits perfectly to what everyone besides the hysterical left thinks about this investigation:

The Mueller probe is no longer a law enforcement investigation. It’s a hit job. This pleases the Left. Removing Trump is the only principle they recognize. Instead of admitting it, they lecture us about the rule of law, as if they actually care about the Constitution. They don’t.”

“This week marks the 1 yr anniv of the Mueller probe. Costing millions & our political system has been brought to a virtual standstill. The public is recognizing the investigation for what it is: A political witch hunt created by an elite cabal frantic to keep its hold on power.”




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