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Media defends Hamas terrorist organization, blames Israel, embassy move

The media is at it again!

They are blaming Israel and the US embassy move to Jerusalem on the protests taking part at the Jerusalem-Gaza border.

Mainstream is telling you that Israel is killing innocent people.

That’s not the case. The Hamas terrorist organization is trying to get into Jerusalem and cause harm and to kill.

Protestor Mohammed Mansoura said this: “We are excited to storm and get inside….Whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, President of Israel tweeted that each country must protect it’s borders and Israel will do just that to keep the people safe.

Here are some headlines from the fake news media:

The New York Times: “Israel kills dozens at Gaza Border at US Embassy opens in Jerusalem.”

Washington Post: “Israelis kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza protesting US Embassy move to Jerusalem.”

The Telegraph in UK: “52 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in Gaza protests.

And then there’s crazy socialist Bernie Sanders who tweeted this:

Now Bernie wants you to believe that these were peaceful protesters- they didn’t mean any harm!!

BS, Bernie.




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